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When you adopt wolves in honour of a loved one, you can send them one of our beautiful e-Cards to let them know you are protecting wolves in their name!

Want an eCard for yourself? Simply write your name and email address in the recipient field when you click “In honour of” under the Dedicate Your Donation tab.

Adopt a Wolf Pup ($25.00)

Pups are born blind and deaf. In this vulnerable state, they remain with their mother inside a protected den for several weeks. Once their blue eyes open, they begin to learn to play, explore the den site with help from every member of the family pack. As the pups get older and stronger, they are moved to a rendezvous site, an area where they can be left alone in safety while the rest of the pack hunts. Within a year, the pup is fully grown. In time, almost every pup will leave his family pack and look for a mate and territory of its own, and help grow the wolf population. By adopting a wolf pup, you are investing in the future of the wolf.

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Adopt a Wolf Pair ($50.00)

Wolves mate for life and stand by each other through good times and bad. The mated pair is at the very centre of the family pack - when a pair finds one another, they will stake out territory for themselves and for their future litter of pups. Wolf pairs are the original “power couples” - they are often the pack’s strongest, bravest and most skilled hunters.  Adopting a wolf pair on behalf of your partner is the perfect way to show them how you cherish their love and loyalty.

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Adopt a Wolf Pack ($75.00)

Wolves live in extended family groups called packs. Protecting wolves means conserving the whole family, and allowing them to learn, grow and thrive together for many generations. Wolf culture is dependent on pack dynamics - each pack is unique, and passes down skills that make them specialist hunters. Wolves rely on each other throughout the year. Members related to the mated pair hunt and bring back food to the mother while she nurses her young pups in the den. Every wolf takes turn babysitting growing pups, but some are more patient with playful pups than others! Family members remember each other and keep in touch by howling and scent marking.

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