About Wolves Ontario


Coexistence with wolves is possible but it requires human tolerance and education. Earthroots’ Wolves Ontario campaign seeks to change the way this province looks at wolves. By teaching people about the important role wolves play in Ontario’s ecosystems and dispelling the many myths we have of these animals, Earthroots works to build public participation in pressuring the government to improve province-wide protection for wolves and their habitat.




1.  Raise public awareness of the threats to Ontario wolf populations.

2.  Actively engage the public in the campaign to pressure the government to change current policies governing wolves and wolf hunting, trapping and snaring in the province.

3.  Through public advocacy, achieve meaningful legislative protection for wolves and their habitat.

Years Of Campaigning
of Ontario Wolves Gained A Closed Hunting Season
Students Educated About The Importance Of Wolves
Wolf Defenders Recruited
Ever Wolf Conservation Strategy Released

Earthroots is a grassroots conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of wilderness, wildlife and watersheds in Canada, with a focus on Ontario.

Earthroots is a strong advocate and agitator for wilderness preservation in Ontario, combining grassroots campaign strategies with effective research and educational programs. Since 1986, Earthroots has used its grassroots expertise to organize, educate and mobilize the public, conduct successful media events, carry out wilderness research projects and ensure proper forest management planning.

We empower thousands of Canadians each year to advocate for better environmental protection and achieve conservation victories!

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