Send Mom an Algonquin wolf in time for Mother’s Day!


Tell Mom how much she means to your family pack by helping us protect wolf mothers just as their new litter of pups is arriving!


Along with an incredibly soft 12″plush wolf, we’ll send your Mom a beautiful Algonquin wolf photo with your order.


Cost: $45.00 CAD + $10.00 shipping flat rate for Canada (tax receipt provided*)



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*You will receive a mailed tax receipt for $30.00 with your purchase

How do adoptions help protect wolves?

Earthroots is the leading environmental organization monitoring and working for the protection and recovery of threatened Algonquin wolves. Did you know that there may only be 250 adult Algonquin wolves left in the world? Researchers believe about 65% of the wolves and their habitat are found in Ontario, with the rest living in Quebec. We conduct research to identify Algonquin wolves in the Ontario wilderness and engage in the development of the provincial Recovery Strategy to ensure that these wolves receive more protection before it is too late. Learn more about our research here and Algonquin wolf recovery here.