Media Release: Ontario plans to allow rare wolf killing

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  • August 12, 2023
19 organizations call for full protection of Algonquin wolves

TORONTO, CANADA - (Aug 12 2016).  On Friday July 22, the Ontario government announced plans to allow hunters and trappers to kill at-risk Algonquin wolves across the majority of their range.  The plan requires an erosion of the automatic protection that was said to be afforded by the province’s Endangered Species Act (ESA) following the wolves’ up-listing to Threatened status on June 15th 2016.

Over 165,000 people from around the world have attended the “Public Wolf Howls” in Algonquin Provincial Park for a chance to hear the wolves in the only area where they are fully protected. As few as 154 mature animals, or 65% of the global population, inhabit Ontario.

A large coalition of organizations (see Addendum) has gathered together to call for full protection of Algonquin wolves across their entire range. Algonquin wolves are sparsely distributed across Central Ontario. The groups are urging the public to comment on 2 government proposals (EBR #012-8104 & EBR #012-8105) before Aug 22nd 2016 to ensure the ESA is used to recover the Algonquin wolf population as intended. The coalition stresses the need to extend protection to eastern coyotes and their hybrids, neither of which can be differentiated from Algonquin wolves without a genetic test.

Proposal #012-8104 will limit the ban on wolf and coyote hunting and trapping to three disconnected “core” areas around 3 other provincial parks that currently allow trapping. These closures are too small to support family-based Algonquin wolf packs, reduce coyote interbreeding or protect wide-ranging wolves, which naturally disperse to find new territory and mates in surrounding areas.

“Of the radio-collared Algonquin wolves that dispersed from Algonquin Park’s protection, 80% were killed by hunters or trappers within 1 year,” says Sadie Parr, Executive Director of Wolf Awareness Inc. “It is because of hunting and trapping that so few wolves have been found outside of the “core” areas the government has proposed to protect.”

Proposal #012-8105 will erode the ESA to exempt hunters and trappers from provisions that would otherwise prohibit them from killing, harming and harassing Algonquin wolves. This exemption will apply in all areas outside of the three new closures proposed in #012-8104 and existing closures in and around Algonquin Park.

“Ontario is transparently prioritizing a minority of people who profit from the slaughter of wolves and coyotes over the recovery of a species at risk,” says Hannah Barron, Director of Wildlife Conservation Campaigns for Earthroots.  “It is appalling that the government would continue to ignore their own research showing that without more extensive protection from hunting and trapping, the Algonquin wolf population will not recover.”

“These proposals are marketed to the public as a step in the right direction while we wait for the Recovery Strategy now mandated by the Endangered Species Act,” adds John McDonnell, Executive Director of CPAWS-OV.  “However, a Management Plan, required when the wolves were still listed as Special Concern, has been overdue since 2008. We cannot wait forever.”

Remarks Lesley Sampson, Executive Director of Coyote Watch Canada, “Full hunting and trapping season closures for both species are crucial for recovering these rare wolves and essential for conserving intact, family-based eastern coyote populations.”

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For further details, please contact:

Hannah Barron, Director of Wildlife Conservation Campaigns, Earthroots      (647) 567-8337

Sadie Parr, Executive Director, Wolf Awareness Inc.                              (250) 272-4695

Lesley Sampson, Executive Director, Coyote Watch Canada     (905) 931-2610

John McDonnell, Executive Director, CPAWS-Ottawa Valley                (819) 778-3355   


The coalition includes the following organizations:

  • Algonquin to Adirondacks Collaborative
  • Animal Alliance of Canada
  • Animal Alliance and Environment Voters Party of Canada
  • Bear With Us Inc.
  • Born Free
  • Canadians for Furbearers
  • Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society, Ottawa Valley
  • Citizens United for a Sustainable Planet
  • Council of Canadians
  • Council of Canadians, Ottawa Chapter
  • Coyote Watch Canada
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • Earthroots
  • Humane Society International/Canada
  • Sudbury Animal Rights Association
  • The Association for Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals
  • Wolf Awareness Inc.
  • Wolf Conservation Center
  • Zoocheck

See: Rare Wolf or Common Coyote? It Shouldn’t Matter, but it Does. Smithsonian Magazine, August 3 2016.

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  • denyse holmes says:

    These wolves were just renamed the Algonquin wolf because they are declining in numbers; . so what do YOU do; allow more to be slaughtered. As a Canadian, I am offended.

  • M. Purcell says:

    Can you post a petition on line so people who support these organizations trying to stop the killing of wolves in every province they are found, esp. BC, Alberta and Ontario can show their support by sending letters, using social media to voice their opposition. I have signed many petitions that encourage citizens to do this.

  • Robyn Jørgenson says:

    This action is unacceptable

  • Sandra Rollins says:

    Have you all lost your minds, it will take humankind no time at all to wipe this whole species off the face of the earth, their DNA lost forever, come to your senses, Please !!!!!

  • Tressie Dutchyn says:

    That is it! I’ve had enough of the appalling record of this government’s views and policies towards animals, farmed, domestic and wild. I know who I am voting for in the next provincial election, and it won’t be the status quo!

  • Cristina Busuioc says:

    This is so sad and pathetic! Wasn’t this government supposed to be better? We need to protect and conserve our wildlife by having a balanced ecosystem. These predators are essential and there’re not many left. I hope we grow up and act like it!

  • Betty Boothby says:

    Please leave the wolves alone. They have to live to.

  • Robin Brown says:

    Please spare these wonderful creatures. After reading this proposal and the consequences from this allowance for trappers/hunters to kill these wolves, I find depleting a species to critical existence quite irrational and irresponsible.

  • Crystal says:

    Please leave these beautiful animals alone

  • kathleen simard says:

    Please reconsider what you are doing when permitting hunters and trappers to call the shots in Ontario. It is time Government listened to the majority who do not believe in killing for the sake of bloodlust!

    protect our threatened species. We have been destroying everything in our path for way too long. In the process we are destroying our own chances of survival! Thank you

  • Cory Quesnelle says:

    We are in their habitat! Humans are truly the worst thing to happen to this planet.

  • susanna rossen says:

    please do not kill those beautiful native animals. you are disrupting the natural balance.
    we need balance and less killing

  • Michele Chartier says:

    I live in the US and may coyotes/wolves are slaughtered each year. They are both such important members of our ecosystem and deserve protection!! Trapping is appalling and needs to be banned everywhere!

  • Sara says:

    I don’t understand WHY the Ontario government wish to kill the Wolfs! They are needed here at Earth!!! As all animals are! Right!!!! :(

  • Evelyn Wilkinson says:

    Leave them alone!!!

  • Barbara Procter says:

    Let them live. This world is full of insanity. Lead by example and protect innocent and precious life. Wolves need a place in our world

  • Christine Wilkinson says:

    Why can’t you people just STOP Murdering the wildlife

  • kathy antle says:

    don’t let this senseless kill happen

  • Erica schentav says:

    Why must humans think they own the world. These animals were here first. Such beautiful animals. We went to Algonquin Park for the first time in July 2016. I could hear the wolves howling during the night. It a beautiful. That park is absolutely beautiful. We need more protected land in this world. We need morebeauty. We need wolves. We need nature. Please please please stop. Please. Stop being inhumane. Love more. Kill less.

  • Joe Paolucci says:

    Stop killing these threatened animals!

  • sewasree roy says:

    please don’t kill them. Let them live freely. They are living beings like us and have the same right like we have. Please stop disturbing their life.

  • Pamela says:

    Every creature deserves to be on this planet as much or more than you or I.
    Why do you think it’s okay to kill? This planet doesn’t belong to YOU and YOU do NOT have the right to
    do as you choose. This planet is part of us ALL. I do NOT give you permission to kill.

  • Ann-Marie Walker says:

    Please stop killing wolves ! They are the countries national heritage . What will it take to stop the killing ? Death to all these beautiful , wild creatures ? Stop ! Now !

  • Jerry Eckel says:

    Please protect our wolf population, and assist in maintaining nature’s awesome balance. Human just have to learn to stop messing up the balance of nature. Perhaps we should start with addressing our own human population problems.

  • Vanessa Starke says:

    Please, don’t hunt them!!! They have to be protected! To hunt them is a big crime against nature!!!

  • William Wilkins says:

    We need to protect wolves

  • Anne says:

    We need to protect these wolves

  • Sarah Hill says:

    Leave these beautiful animals where they belong - in the wild - born free!

  • Brian Humphrey says:

    Please do not allow the hunting and trapping of Algonquin wolves. These creatures need protection not be hunted and trapped for profit. It is our duty as humans to ensure the survival of all species and to protect them please do not allow the hunting and trapping of these wolves.

  • Eva Sosa says:

    This is barbaric and it shows the government of Ontario has no regard for such a delicate species. If our governments don’t protect the very essence of life and wilderness protection, what else is left?

  • Alida Bowen says:

    Please don’t allow our wolves to be killed. There’s going to come a time when mankind will have destroyed every animal speices.

  • Alida Bowen says:

    Please stop killing our wildlife. Trapping is the most savage form of torture. How can you live with yourselves seeing animals who have chewed off their legs trying to escape? Only people that are deranged find the inhumane treatment of innocent animals acceptable.

  • ANN EDELMAN says:

    You should be protecting the wolves! That is what we want to hear. Protection for the wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Margaret says:

    Its appalling that we feel the need to extinguish a species because we feel we are the higher being. Yet we are the ones destroying the very land we are slaughtering these animals to protect. Where is the logic?

  • Jackie Jones says:

    Get rid of hunting laws.

  • Jackie Jones says:

    Protect wolves from trappers and hunting laws.

  • M. Hovi says:

    Not a good idea. Please leave the wolves alone.

  • doreen says:

    leave the wolves alone don,t bother them and they won.t bother you and stop destroying there habitate.

  • Maria says:

    How can you allow sentient beings being trapped and bleed to death? What does that say about you as a society when you willingly allow such suffering? Please protect wolves and do NOT allow them to be tortured to death and/or murdered. Thank you.

  • Roger Bergmann says:

    Insanity knows no bounds!

  • debi daniels says:

    leave our wildlife alone

  • Jan Pritchard says:

    We share this planet with every living creature. It is our duty to protect every living thing on this planet. To allow these wolves to be hunted is to force them into extinction. We as humans, have no right to do this.
    Shame on this government . We must protect them.

  • Ray says:

    I have been concerned about the Algonquin red wolves of the park for years they are a unique species and deserve protection. I suggest approaching the Algonquins that have a current land claim I am a member. The have taken steps to protect the eastern eel and may be able to offer their input on this.thanks

  • Amy mckinney says:

    If the animal had a gun, then it would be a sport! . Leave them alone! !

  • Connie D. says:

    Please please protect the wolves!!!

  • A Jensen says:

    Hunting and trapping is cruel and inhumane. Trudeau is no better than the hunters and trappers. By
    allowing this to be legal. Wolves are revered beautiful animals. Leave them alone extinction is forever.

  • Marilyn Bergeron says:

    Protect these rare animals from hunters and trappers

  • Bruce Vann Tassell says:

    wolves are a very important part of any forest environment encourage increasing their numbers not this insane plan to give hunters a shoot out against the wolf

  • Delobel Christianne says:

    Les loups doivent perdurer sur la planète. Ils participent à une saine nature et un développement harmonieux de tous. Y compris les hommes. Ils sont en meute et chaque meute est un clan, une famille. Nous vivons aussi en famille mais nous avons la haine en plus.
    Protéger les loups c’est protéger la planète toute entière.

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