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Wolves Ontario!

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Earthroots has released a map showing 49 outfitters that advertise guided wolf hunts, some of which are located just outside the borders of the largest parks in the province. All of the outfitters advertise the price of their services in U.S. dollars and many have summer residencies in the U.S. While Americans come to Ontario to shoot wolves, Canadians flock to Yellowstone National Park to view wolves in the wild. Since 88% of Ontarians strongly oppose the hunting of wolves for sport, Earthroots would like to see the government promoting wolf ecotourism as an alternative way of generating revenue in Northern Ontario communities

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Quotes from outfitters that offer wolf hunts in Ontario:
(all quotes taken directly from outfitter websites)

All Star Resort:
We hunt out of heated blinds and the average shot is 200 yards over bait. The success rate is 75% in the past 2 years. When you harvest your animal we freeze it for transportation home.”
Andy Myer's Lodge:
“WOLF HUNTS- 5 day hunt - natural baited, heated stands, accommodations, guides and transportation to hunt site included. Hunts are done from heated stands overlooking active, natural baits in remote areas. Hunts include accommodating, guides, stands and/or heated blinds, bait, transportation to and from stands by truck and snowmobile or ATV, care of game.”
Barry Brown's Game Hunts:
My Ontario Game Hunts have been offered here since 1978. The primary species are
Black Bear, Moose, Whitetail Deer, Timber Wolf, Grouse and Hare. All types of firearms are popular. The hunt area known as the Turtle River White Otter Wilderness Park boasts an abundance of Game. By all standards, this area is very remote and unpopulated, with a single highway traversing through 2,000,000 acres - no trains, airports, power lines or smoke stacks in view for 10's of miles.”
Bear Lake Wilderness Camp:
"The Northern Timber Wolf season is also open in the fall at the same time as Bear, and
wolves can be taken on a small game permit. This could be a real "double dip" as far as trophies go. Many of our bear hunters see wolves from their bear stands. Our bear management area nestles up directly to Killarney ProvincialPark. We view this park as our own private 40-mile square game preserve. We have been successful at luring many bears directly out of the park. Our proximity to Killarney and our remote location make for a great combination.”
Berglund Outpost Cabins:
"Hunt wolves for a real challenge."
Black Bear Camp Park:
“Wolf are a true prize for hunters. We do not have a hunt organized specifically for Wolf. Guests who come to Ontario for the Black Bear hunting are free to take a Wolf if the opportunity arises. Many of our bear hunters try for wolf after they get their bear.”
Black Island Resort:
“TIMBERWOLF HUNTING: 4 day mid-winter roughing it hunt for the elusive
timberwolf. This hunt is fully guided and includes meals, lodging and snowmobile. $2495 per person.”
Branch's Seine River Lodge & Outfitters:
“Our location, being close to Quetico Provincial Park and White Otter Wilderness, ensures a high population of big game”
Bullseye Outfitters:
“Located in the far reaches of Northern Ontario, this outfitter has spent numerous years
scouting thousands of miles of bush country in pursuit of the "Ghost of the North". This is truly a unique hunting experience that usually takes place in the winter months of January through March when the snows are deep. There are numerous bait sites widely scattered throughout the region in some of the finest wolf country in Northern Ontario. A typical day will begin by checking a bait site on snowmobile. If it has been hit, the outfitter & guides will quickly drive the "perimeter" of the bait block to make sure the wolves are contained within it. If so, the hunters will then be taken to various positions or vantage points to await "The Drive". At this point while snowmobiles systematically monitor the sides of the block, a tracker will pursue the wolves on foot. It may take some time but eventually the wolves will get frustrated & break towards the hunters & this is where the action begins. The anticipation of being on stand & waiting for one of the most elusive game animals of the North to appear before you is unbelievable. It is true that not everyone will harvest a wolf on this hunt but it will not be from a lack of effort on theoutfitters part. He and his team are extremely successful in driving wolves past hunters on a consistent basis. With first class accommodations & meals included, you can expect to have a sincere memorable experience.”

“a high percentage on shots,unique harvesting method- unlimited harvest”

Cobb Bay Lodge:
“Hunting for Timber Wolf is offered under the title of Grouse hunt/fish combo. Mid-
September to Mid-December small game hunt for grouse, timber wolf, rabbits and other game.”
East Bull Lake Wilderness Lodge:
“Our wilderness area, which is north of the Great Lakes and in Northern Ontario, has the
highest population of Black Bears on Earth. There are more bears then people which is why our guests have such an unusually high success rate. If you get your bear early in the week, then you can go fishing or you can buy a small game license and go Wolfhunting.”

“We have our bait stations wide spread throughout our wilderness hunting region with many back-up stations. This is why we ask that you bring your portable tree stand so you can take advantage of the back-up bait stations in case the bears at the regular stations are too smart or too timid.”

Fleming's Black Bear Camp:
“If you want to hunt in the winter for wolves, book after the 15th of December. With a
bit of snow, I can follow their movement easier for setting bait sites. I have hunted wolves for over 50 years. I bait with meat scraps, mostly from moose cuttings. Wild game, such as moose, works much better for wolves. The remote camp is a 20 mile skidoo run from the highway. The area has a dynamite population of wolves and has never been hunted. We have fed bear in the area for 15 years and the wolf population has drastically increased because of all of the bait that has been set out over the years.”

“We normally do not run our bear hunt past the middle of September. This past season we ran the bait sites into the third week and out of 8 hunters in camp, 5 had timberwolf come right into their bait sites. The wolves know when the bear are ready to den up and this is why they are coming into the bait sites.”

”Between September 15th and the middle of October would be prime for wolf hunting. Please email or call us if you are interested in hunting timberwolf at this time of year. The hides are prime and your chances of taking a nice timberwolf are excellent.”

Four Seasons Guiding:
“With the abundance of wildlife in the area, wolf populations are way up. Bear hunters
can take a wolf when the opportunity arises. They just need to have an extra small game license. You don't need to be a bear hunter to hunt for wolf. Your hosts, Camille & Marie Robitaille are registered professional guides and trappers which will add to the adventure and success of tracking down these sometimes elusive creatures.”
Larsson's Camp:
“While plentiful in Canada's Shield Region, the timber wolf is an elusive creature and is
challenging to hunt. Wolf packs roam freely on the shores of our home lake, Caliper Lake, and the remains of their hunts for whitetail deer can often be seen on the winter ice.”

“Your timber wolf hunt at Larsson's Camp is a full service package that includes private accommodations for your group, three complete meals daily in the Caliper Cove Bar & Grill, and full guiding service. Hunting is done from tree stands or ground blinds near pre-baited sites.”

“Each year we put hunters in carefully maintained bait sites that rarely disappoint."

Mountain Cove Lodge:
“There is a large population of Wolf in Northern Ontario. There are so many wolves that
there is no closed season and you only need a small game license to hunt them. Another aspect of the Wolf is these animals are very illusive. Wolves do show up at our Black Bear feeding stations. In this case, Black Bear hunters traditionally buy a small game license if they have been seeing wolves. As we said before, these animals are very illusive and highly prized so the chances of seeing a Wolf without the aid of a bear-baiting station is next to nothing. Wolves are only pack hunters in the winter. In earlyspring when they break up or in late fall when the pack gets back together, you can hear them howling at night.”
Northwest Outfitters and Outpost Camps Ltd:
“Hunting wolves during mid February and March is the most productive. Lots of colored
timber wolves are seen in the deer yards. That's their favorite food during this period. “
Woman River Camp:
“The Timber Wolf a strong, powerful, intelligent animal makes for one of the most
challenging hunts. This colourful creature rarely stands still and when it does, its ears are erect, eyes alert and nose is working to sift all scents. The slightest of movement can trigger the animal to flee in an instant. Challenging? You bet! Opportunities may arise at close range but long distance is the norm. Our hunt is offered during the month of March and uses a wide range of techniques to be successful. Baiting, tracking and calling are all used to lure this elusive animal within range. One of the most demanding yet rewarding hunts you will ever attempt.”

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