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Wolves Ontario!

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Wolves Ontario!
Project Goals

Raise public awareness of the current situation of Ontario wolf populations.
Actively engage the public in the campaign to make the Ontario government change current policies governing wolves and wolf hunting in the province.
Through public advocacy, achieve meaningful legislative protection for wolves and wolf habitat.

The Wolves Ontario! project was initiated in August 2000, through a grant from the George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation. The Wolves Ontario! project is one of the main campaigns of Earthroots.

The project was created due to the dire situation facing wolves in Ontario. The public remains largely unaware of the challenges faced by the wolves of Ontario. It is clear from population biology studies that wolves as predators, play a crucial role in the delicate balance of wildlife populations. Yet Ontario’s wildlife laws do not provide any protection to wolves that range beyond limited park areas. The wolves of Algonquin Park are regularly hunted when they cross park boundaries. Even more unfortunate is that the Ontario government is now opening existing parks, including wilderness parks, to sport hunting. This means that the few wolf refuges in Ontario may soon be gone.

Since August, the Wolves Ontario! project has developed a full colour wolf fact sheet; distribution of 40 000 copies of this fact sheet across the province is well underway. Earthroots expects to generate a high number of letters to the Minister of Natural Resources, John Snobelen, from this venture. Postcards have also been developed and distributed, indicating to Minister Snobelen, high public support for increased wolf protection. Recently, letters to the editor of all daily and community newspapers in the province were sent out outlining Earthroots’ concerns about the provincial government’s lack of protective wolf legislation. Please see the Algonquin wolves section of the website for a recent victory.

The Wolves Ontario! project is the only campaign in Ontario that is currently seeking measurable protection for wolves on a provincial level. Earthroots leads the fight to protect Ontario wolves. Join us!

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