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Wolves Ontario!

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Adopt a Wolf
Purchase a Howlie and help protect wolves in the wild!


You can help protect wolves in the wild by adopting a wolf and becoming a member of the pack! Individual sponsors as well as businesses, scout groups, clubs and school groups can support the Wolves Ontario! Project by adopting a wolf in their name. All proceeds from this program will go directly to protecting wild wolves and their habitat here in Ontario.

Each adoption package is based on your level of support and includes literature and an annual membership with Earthroots.

Wolf Pup Protection - $45 or $50
  • Small “Howlie”
  • Personalized certificate
  • Large “Howlie”
  • Personalized certificate
Alpha Wolf Protection - $75
    For adults & kids ages 9 and up:
  • Large “Howlie"
  • Personalized certificate
  • A copy of Farley Mowat’s classic book Never Cry Wolf – a brilliant narrative on the myth and magical world of wild wolves and man's true place among the creatures of nature (paperback).
    For kids ages 5 to 11:
  • Large “Howlie”
  • Personalized certificate
  • A copy of Celia Godkin’s Wolf Island – a vivid, full colour portrait of nature and the fragile balance of an ecosystem. Celia Godkin's ecological tale will inspire readers of all ages (paperback).
Wolf Pack Protection package - $100
  • Large “Howlie”
  • Personalized certificate
  • A copy of John & Mary Theberge’s Wolf Country, Eleven Years Tracking The Algonquin Wolves – a fascinating and inspiring story told by a man whose appetite for science is matched by a deep appreciation of the wonder and complexity of the natural world (paperback).

In Ontario, we have two types of wolves: the Eastern Canadian wolf and the Gray wolf. Though the Eastern Canadian wolves in Algonquin Park are one of the most endangered wolf populations in the world, they have only been afforded minimal protection. The Gray wolf is classified by the World Conservation Union as a vulnerable species due to declining and threatened populations worldwide, we urgently need sponsors like you to protect the wolves we have left.

Join the pack! Here's how:

1. By mail using our online donation form (Click Here to download a form)

2. By phone. Contact us at (416) 599-0152 to arrange your credit card donation.

*Please allow two weeks for your adoption kit and toy to arrive.

Thank you! Your contribution will help Earthroots protect Ontario's wolves and the wilderness they need to survive.

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Did You Know...
According to noted wolf biologist L.D. Mech, wolves can hear as far as 6 miles [9.6 kilometres] away in the forest and ten miles [16 kilometres] away on the open tundra.

Learn More About Wolves

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