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Wolves Ontario!

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The Wolves Ontario! project has the following goals
Raise public awareness of the current situation of Ontario wolf populations.
Actively engage the public in the campaign to make the Ontario government change current policies governing wolves and wolf hunting in the province.
Through public advocacy, achieve meaningful legislative protection for wolves and wolf habitat.

More About
Wolves Ontario!

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Local community action is essential to achieving legitimate wolf protection in Ontario. Community coordinators are needed to distribute information about the Wolves Ontario! project, organize media events and local letter-writing campaigns, and educate neighbours and friends about the dire situation facing wolves in Ontario.

The Wolves Ontario! project needs your help! We will provide you with Wolves Ontario! factsheets, action alerts, and stickers; and advice that you can use to mobilize your community for the wolves. The Wolves Ontario! Project has designed a new anti-wolf-snaring poster ("81/2 X 17") that can be used to highlight the threats to wolves from snares. This is a great awareness raising tool! (Check out the Wolves Ontario! Anti-Snare page for more information about how to order this poster.)

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A Source of Tourist Dollars
There have been 85 public wolf howls in Algonquin Park since 1963. They have an 85% success rate in the last decade and over 110 000 people have come out to the howls. Some howls have more than 1600 people attending. This means dollars for the surrounding communities and the park itself.

Learn More About Wolves

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These materials can be distributed to:
Schools – high schools, colleges, universities
Chambers of Commerce
Volunteer groups such as Lion’s Clubs, Rotary Clubs, reading groups, Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), wildlife clubs, outdoors clubs etc.!
Friends, family, neighbours
Other environmental groups
City councillors and provincial members of parliament (MPPs)
Eco-Tourism centers
Any other group or individual!

Please fill in the form below to be contacted about Community Action Kits. Please indicate the number of factsheets, postcards, action alerts and stickers; that you would be able to distribute. If you run out we can always send you more! As well if you have any comments, please fill in the comment box. Note: It is expensive to produce and send out these materials, please only request as many action items as you can distribute. Thank you for helping Ontario’s wolves!

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To order an anti-snare poster, please click here.




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