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Wolves Ontario!

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Earthroots' story writing contest for kids

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Radio-collared wolves have been tracked ranging more than 700 kilometres.

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Comments from kids & teachers
Here is what others have said about the presentation:

"The play is GREAT. You should go see it. You would learn that wolves are not so scary after all."
Neria, Kindergarten

"The mix of drama and factual information was quite appropriate for this age group [grade 7]. The teachers and students found it to be entertaining and most importantly, they learned about the impact humans have on wolves."
Jane Wadden, Site Supervisor at Hillside Outdoor Education School

"To tell you the truth, before I heard stories like Little Red Riding Hood, I didn't like wolves. I was pretty scared of them. I'm scared of most animals. Now I feel really differently about it. I feel like we should do anything to help them. Anything possible to help the wolves to help them not to be endangered."
Daneer, Grade 7

"I think the students came away with a better understanding of the role and history of wolves in our province and in popular culture. It dovetailed nicely with our goals at Campion of promoting care and an awareness of the environment in which we live."
Paul Sullivan, Principal of St. Edmund Campion, Scarborough

"It was fun and informative."
Caitlin, Grade 12 Woburn C.I., Scarborough

"Education is everything. Getting that information out there that there is a problem. That's the first step. We have to get the kids at younger ages interested in outdoor activities, animals and the environment so that in the future there is someone to protect it. I'm really glad I got the chance to come here and see specifically the wolf presentation. It was very well done. I think the kids are not only going to take a lot of information back with them but also a different view about wolves and the environment and how fast it is diminishing."
Mr. John Barnes. Grade 7 teacher

"The wolves presentation by Earthroots was successfully presented four times this summer at the Canadian Ecology Centre. The presentation is best described as bringing awareness and education to the plight of wolves in and around Algonquin Provincial Park and in Ontario as a whole. The mix of drama, song and facts presents a well-balanced approach to an issue that really points to the need of adding additional protection to our most prolific carnivore."
Bill Steer, Director of Education and Ecology at the Canadian Ecology Centre in Mattawa, Ontario

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