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Wolves Ontario!

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Contrary to popular myths, wolves don't howl at a full moon, though they are most active and communicative at nighttime.

The wolf pack functions in an elaborate social network with a hierarchy dominated by the alpha pair. Usually it is just the alpha male and alpha female that breed.

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About the Performance

Stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs have not been kind to the wolf. Our theatre performance looks at how some of our favorite childhood stories, folklore and myths have influenced our perception of the wolf.

Many see the wolf as the symbol of unspoiled wilderness. Yet historically, this animal has been viewed and managed as vermin. Victims of superstition, human intolerance and much misunderstanding, wolves have been completely exterminated from many regions around the world. It's time to change the way we look at wolves.

The wolf teaches us about many interconnected environmental issues.

  Though the wolf is the focus, this presentation highlights a number of other environmental issues. The wolf serves as a barometer for the health and integrity of our ecosystem. 
  Students will learn about the threats to wolf populations in Ontario and around the world, as well as how wolves function as a pack and as a keystone species in the ecosystem.  
  Students will also learn about what Earthroots is doing through the Wolves Ontario! Project to improve protection for wolves and their habitat and how they can become involved. 
  The presentation can apply to any geography, general science, biology and world issues classes and the focus can be altered to meet specific curriculum objectives. The Wolves Ontario! Presentation can integrate and enliven many aspects of the school curriculum and is suitable for all age categories.  
  Teachers will be provided with a list of recommended follow-up activities and students will go home with a Community Action Kit that includes, bookmarks, stickers and fact sheets. 

About the Performers

Our performers, The Tree House Players, have been actively educating students and the general public about social and environmental issues with a variety of performances and workshops. All the actors have had formal training in theatre and have performed in various places including the Toronto Fringe Festival, the New Ideas Festival and at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Performance Arts.

Mark Brown (Sir Snooty, the Hunter, the Farmer,Guitar Player)
Mark Brown has been doing improv comedy since high school and went on to study Musical Theatre at the University of Windsor. Outside of the Tree House Players, Mark works with children with special needs as an educational assistant and music/drama facilitator.

Ann Cummings (Storyteller, Little Red Riding Hood, all Three Little Pigs, the farmer)
Ann has an Honours B.A in Native Studies from Trent University, and is a qualified Montessori teacher. Ann has undergone formal voice training for over 6 years and studied improv at the Actors' Workshop and was lead performer in the international musical Peacechild.

Josh Matlow (The Wolf)
Josh Matlow is well known in theatrical, activist and political circles alike. He studied acting at Ecole Jacques Le Coq and Acting International in Paris, France and has appeared in Canadian theatre festivals such as the Toronto Fringe, Rhubarb! and New Ideas. Along with recently running in a by-election against Ontario Premier Ernie Eves and appearing frequently on radio and television, Josh is an environmental activist who ran Earthroots' successful Oak Ridges Moraine campaign. Josh plays the role of the wolf in Dispelling the Myths of the Big Bad Wolf.

Melissa Tkachyk (Slide Show Presenter)
Melissa Tkachyk is a Wilderness Campaigner with Earthroots and Co-ordinator of Earthroots' Wolves Ontario! Project. Melissa received a Bachelor in Environmental Science from the University of Guelph and a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University. She has also taken courses in Humane Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

About the Slideshow

Earthroots has put together over 50 slides to create an informative visual presentation. Students learn about the status of wolves in Ontario, predator-prey relationships, how wolves function as a pack and as a keystone species in the ecosystem.

The full presentation includes both the theatre performance and the slideshow.

Suggested price:

Full Presentation -- sliding scale -- $300.00* - $600.00
Just Slideshow -- $100.00

* subsidized performances are available. We strive to keep the fees for bringing a performance into your school as low as possible.


The duration of the presentation is 1 hour and is usually followed by a 15 minute question period -- the students always have plenty to ask!

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