Wolf Country
Eleven Years Tracking the Algonquin Wolves

by John and Mary Theberge
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"Mary and John Theberge’s book is a wonderful love story, the shared passion of two biologists for a much maligned and little understood animal, the wolf. Their story brought back memories of the fire that kindled my career in science, an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder at life’s complexity and mystery and a burning desire to know more." - David Suzuki

Price: $40.00 (hardcover)
Price: $30.00 (softcover)

Noted wolf researchers, John and Mary Theberge have signed onto the Wolves Ontario! Project as advisors. Professor John Theberge has conducted field research for more than 30 years in the Yukon, Labrador and British Columbia. He was a student of wolf researcher Doug Pimlott, who was in turn a student of noted conservationist Aldo Leopold. For over 11 years the Theberges have been studying the wolves of Algonquin Park and are considered the pre-eminent experts on the Algonquin wolves’ ecology. They were awarded the Equinox Citation for Environmental Achievement in 1994.