/*** analog 4.13 http://www.analog.cx/ ***/ /*** This program is copyright (c) Stephen R. E. Turner 1995 - 2000 except as *** stated otherwise. Distribution, usage and modification of this program is *** subject to the conditions of the Licence which you should have received *** with it. This program comes with no warranty, expressed or implied. ***/ /*** win32.c; stuff only required for the Win32 port ***/ /* This stuff is due to Magnus Hagander (mha@edu.sollentuna.se) */ #include "anlghea3.h" #ifdef WIN32 /* * Initialize the required Win32 structures and routines */ void Win32Init(void) { #ifndef NODNS WSADATA wsaData; if (WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(1,1),&wsaData)) error("unable to initialise winsock.dll"); #endif #ifndef NOPRIORITY SetThreadPriority(GetCurrentThread(),THREAD_PRIORITY_BELOW_NORMAL); #endif } /* * Cleanup Win32 structures and routines */ void Win32Cleanup(void) { #ifndef NODNS WSACleanup(); #endif } #endif