## Armenian Language file for analog 4.13. May not work with any other version. ## ## This is a language file for analog. Lines beginning with ## are comments. ## Each language should have one language file in its own character set, ## and can have additional ones for HTML and ASCII (7 bit) output. ## ## The character set of Armenian language file. ## (Dependant of the user's browser settings, in some cases this can be ## "x-user-defined" ARMSCII-8 ѷ ߵ ز ## Next some standard common words. ## Abbreviation for "week beginning" ߳ Ͻ. ## Abbreviation for "hour" ų ݻ ۳ ۳ݻ ѳ ѳݻ ų ų ͻ ѳݷ ѳݷݻ ϳͳϳ ѳݷ ϳͳϳ ѳݷݻ û ûݻ ݻ ϳٳϻ ϳٳϻݻ ݻ URL URL-ݻ ݻ (ݳ) -ݻ ϳ ϳ ݻ ϳ׳ ϳ׳ ṻ ׳ϳ ݹѳ ϳ ٻݳ ޳óϳ ٻݳ ߳ê ϳ ϳ ٻݳ ijٳ ijٳ ٻݳ ų٪ -ų ij ٻݳ ݷ- ٻݳ ݷ ݻ ѳݷ ѳݷ ѳݷݻ n û û ûݻ n ݻ n гٳ ͻ n ٳ ͻ n ҳٳ ͻ n ݻ URL URL-ݻ n ϳ ϳ ϳ n URL URL-ݻ n ҳ ݻ URL URL-ݻ n ѳٳ ѳ ѳݻ n n γͳϳ ѳݷ ϳͳϳ ѳݷ ϳͳϳ ѳݷݻ n ݻ n ӳٳ ݻ n ݻ n ݻ n ݳ ݳ ݳݻ n ݻ n ϳٳϻ۳ ϳٳϻ ϳٳϻݻ n γr׳ ϳ׳ ϳ׳ ṻ n ٳ ųٳݳ ϳ ˳ųٳݳ 1 ٻ dz ݻϳ۳ ϳ ٳ ϳ ѳ ѳٳ ѳ ѳٳ * * ݻϳ۳ ߳ ѳݻ г ѳݻ ϳ ѳ ѳݻ г ѳݻ ϳ ѳ ѳݻ ӳݳ۳ ջ ϳ׳ ҳ ѳݻ ѳݻ гݻ ջϳϳ ϳ׳ ѻ г ͻ ѳݷݻ ӳݳ۳ ݳ ջ ӳݳ۳ ϳ ٳ ˳ ۳ݻ ϳ ˳ ۳ݻ ϳͻ ճ 񳵻 7 7 ǽ (㵳ѳ ѳݻ) ( ) (ѳ ) /(ٳ-û) (û ϳ) ( ) (ûݻ) ѳ ݹ ѳ س ѳ % % % . * * %s * * %d %s * * %s . ѳ ѳݻ ӳ ѳ ӳ ѳݻ %% ۳ݻ %% ۳ݻ ٻݳ Ż ѳ ѳٳ ѻ ӳ ѳٳ ѻ * * %% ѳݻ %% ѳݻ ٻݳٻ ݳ ѳݻ %% ѳݻ %% ѳݻ ٻݳٻ ݳ ѳݻ %% ѳݻ %% ѳݻ ٻݳٻ ݳ ѳݻ %% ӳ ѳݻ %% ӳ ѳݻ ٻݳٻ ݳ ӳ ѳݻ ѳٳ ųٳݳ ѳٳ ųٳݳ ӳ ѳٳ ųٳݳ * * ۵ݳϳ ϳ * * ϳ * * 㹳 %D-%m-%Y %H:%n %w-%D-%m-%Y %H:%n %d/%m/%Y %d/%m/%Y %H:%n-%I:%o %d/%m/%Y %H:%n-%I:%o %d/%m/%Y %m %Y %d/%m/%y %d/%m/%y %H:%n %d/%m/%y at %H:%n 100 Continue with request 101 Switching protocols 1xx [Miscellaneous informational] 200 OK 201 Created 202 Accepted for future processing 203 Non-authoritative information 204 OK, but nothing to send 205 Reset document 206 Partial content 2xx [Miscellaneous successes] 300 Multiple documents available 301 Document moved permanently 302 Document found elsewhere 303 See other document 304 Not modified since last retrieval 305 Use proxy 306 Switch proxy 307 Document moved temporarily 3xx [Miscellaneous redirections] 400 Bad request 401 Authentication required 402 Payment required 403 Access forbidden 404 Document not found 405 Method not allowed 406 Document not acceptable to client 407 Proxy authentication required 408 Request timeout 409 Request conflicts with state of resource 410 Document gone permanently 411 Length required 412 Precondition failed 413 Request too long 414 Requested filename too long 415 Unsupported media type 416 Requested range not valid 417 Failed 418 Failed 419 Expectation failed 4xx [Miscellaneous client/user errors] 500 Internal server error 501 Request type not supported 502 Error at upstream server 503 Service temporarily unavailable 504 Gateway timeout 505 HTTP version not supported 506 Redirection failed 5xx [Miscellaneous server errors] xxx [Unknown]