# Here is a big configuration file for analog version 4.13 # # # It contains most commands which you can use # (or at least one example from each family of commands). # # Actually this file doesn't really do much except show you what's available, # because it gives almost all the commands their default values. # (As of time of writing -- I don't promise it will stay up-to-date.) # # Even this file doesn't contain all the commands -- you'll have to read the # docs for the full set! # # First the commands you are most likely to want to change. # # If you need a LOGFORMAT command it must go here, above the LOGFILE command. # LOGFORMAT MICROSOFT-NA # The logfile to be analysed LOGFILE logfile.log # # Your organisation's name and URL for the top line of the report HOSTNAME "[my organisation]" HOSTURL none # # Where to write the report OUTFILE Report.html # # URL for the images directory IMAGEDIR images/ # # Style sheet for the output page STYLESHEET none # # /dir/ fetches /dir/index.html DIRSUFFIX index.html # # Case sensitive or case insensitive file system: default depends on your OS. # If your web server and your analog run on different OS's, you may need to # change this according to the machine running your server. # CASE INSENSITIVE # USERCASE SENSITIVE # # How to uncompress compressed logfiles # UNCOMPRESS *.gz,*.Z "gzip -cd" # Cache files: see docs/cache.html CACHEFILE none CACHEOUTFILE none # Aliases: see docs/alias.html # I can't list all of them, but there are aliases for individual items, e.g. # FILEALIAS /football/* /soccer/* # and there are also aliases for each report, e.g. # REQALIAS /soccer/* "Football: /soccer/*" # You can also use regular expressions: # FILEALIAS REGEXP:^/(football|soccer)/(.*) /$2 BROWOUTPUTALIAS Mozilla Netscape BROWOUTPUTALIAS "Mozilla (compatible)" "Netscape (compatible)" BROWOUTPUTALIAS IWENG AOL TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .html ".html [Hypertext Markup Language]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .htm ".htm [Hypertext Markup Language]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .ps ".ps [PostScript]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .gz ".gz [Gzip compressed files]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .html.gz ".html.gz [Gzipped HTML]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .ps.gz ".ps.gz [Gzipped PostScript]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .xbm ".xbm [X11 bitmaps]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .tar.gz ".tar.gz [Compressed archives]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .jpg ".jpg [JPEG graphics]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .jpeg ".jpeg [JPEG graphics]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .gif ".gif [GIF graphics]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .xbm ".xbm [X bitmap]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .txt ".txt [Plain text]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .class ".class [Java class files]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .pdf ".pdf [Adobe Portable Document Format]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .zip ".zip [Zip archives]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .hqx ".hqx [Macintosh archives]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .exe ".exe [Executables]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .wav ".wav [WAV sound files]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .png ".png [PNG graphics]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .avi ".avi [AVI movies]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .arc ".arc [Compressed archives]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .mid ".mid [MIDI sound files]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .doc ".doc [Microsoft Word document]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .rtf ".rtf [Rich Text Format]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .mov ".mov [Quick Time movie]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .mpg ".mpg [MPEG movie]" TYPEOUTPUTALIAS .mpeg ".mpeg [MPEG movie]" # Inclusions and exclusions: see docs/include.html # Again there are these for individual items, e.g. # FILEINCLUDE /football/* # FILEEXCLUDE /football/* # and for each report, e.g. # REQINCLUDE pages # Or you can use regular expressions: # FILEINCLUDE REGEXP:^/(football|soccer) # You can make more things into pages with a command like # PAGEINCLUDE *.jsp # You can limit the dates analysed with FROM and/or TO: see docs/include.html # FROM 991001 # TO -00-00-01 # Controlling status codes: see docs/include.html # STATUSINCLUDE 200-299,304 # STATUSEXCLUDE 206 304ISSUCCESS ON # Whether each report is wanted: see docs/output.html GENERAL ON MONTHLY ON DAILY ON FULLDAILY OFF WEEKLY OFF HOURLY ON FULLHOURLY OFF QUARTER OFF FIVE OFF DOMAIN ON ORGANISATION ON DIRECTORY ON FILETYPE ON REQUEST ON REDIR OFF FAILURE OFF SIZE ON PROCTIME OFF HOST OFF REFERRER OFF REFSITE OFF REDIRREF OFF FAILREF OFF VHOST OFF USER OFF FAILUSER OFF SEARCHQUERY OFF SEARCHWORD ON BROWSER OFF FULLBROWSER OFF OSREP ON STATUS ON # The columns in each report: see docs/timereps.html and docs/othreps.html TIMECOLS RP MONTHCOLS RP DAYCOLS RP FULLDAYCOLS RP WEEKCOLS RP HOURCOLS RP FULLHOURCOLS RP QUARTERCOLS RP FIVECOLS RP DOMCOLS Rb ORGCOLS Rb HOSTCOLS Rb DIRCOLS Rb TYPECOLS Rb REQCOLS RbD REDIRCOLS R FAILCOLS R REFCOLS R REFSITECOLS R REDIRREFCOLS R FAILREFCOLS R BROWCOLS R FULLBROWCOLS R OSCOLS NR SIZECOLS Rb PROCTIMECOLS R VHOSTCOLS Rb USERCOLS Rb FAILUSERCOLS R SEARCHQUERYCOLS R SEARCHWORDCOLS R STATUSCOLS R # How the graphs are plotted: see docs/timereps.html ALLGRAPH P MONTHGRAPH P DAYGRAPH P FULLDAYGRAPH P HOURGRAPH P FULLHOURGRAPH P WEEKGRAPH P QUARTERGRAPH P FIVEGRAPH P # Whether the time reports run forwards or backwards: see docs/timereps.html ALLBACK OFF MONTHBACK OFF FULLDAYBACK OFF FULLHOURBACK OFF WEEKBACK OFF QUARTERBACK OFF FIVEBACK OFF # The number of rows to display in each time report: see docs/timereps.html MONTHROWS 0 WEEKROWS 0 FULLDAYROWS 42 FULLHOURROWS 72 QUARTERROWS 96 FIVEROWS 288 # The floors for each report: see docs/othreps.html and docs/hierreps.html REQFLOOR 20r REQARGSFLOOR 10r REDIRFLOOR -30r REDIRARGSFLOOR 10r FAILFLOOR -30r FAILARGSFLOOR 10r DOMFLOOR 0b SUBDOMFLOOR 0.5%b ORGFLOOR -20r SUBORGFLOOR 0.5%r DIRFLOOR 0.01%b SUBDIRFLOOR 0.01%b TYPEFLOOR 0.1%b SUBTYPEFLOOR 0.1%b HOSTFLOOR 100r REFFLOOR 20r REFARGSFLOOR 10r REFSITEFLOOR -30r REFDIRFLOOR 50r REDIRREFFLOOR -30r REDIRREFARGSFLOOR 10r FAILREFFLOOR -30r FAILREFARGSFLOOR 10r BROWFLOOR -20r FULLBROWFLOOR -40r OSFLOOR 1r SUBOSFLOOR 1r VHOSTFLOOR -20b USERFLOOR -100r FAILUSERFLOOR -20r SEARCHQUERYFLOOR -20r SEARCHWORDFLOOR -20r STATUSFLOOR 0r # How each report is sorted: see docs/othreps.html and docs/hierreps.html REQSORTBY REQUESTS REDIRSORTBY REQUESTS FAILSORTBY REQUESTS DOMSORTBY BYTES ORGSORTBY REQUESTS DIRSORTBY BYTES TYPESORTBY BYTES HOSTSORTBY ALPHABETICAL REFSORTBY REQUESTS REFSITESORTBY REQUESTS REDIRREFSORTBY REQUESTS FAILREFSORTBY REQUESTS BROWSORTBY REQUESTS FULLBROWSORTBY REQUESTS OSSORTBY REQUESTS VHOSTSORTBY BYTES USERSORTBY REQUESTS FAILUSERSORTBY REQUESTS SEARCHQUERYSORTBY REQUESTS SEARCHWORDSORTBY REQUESTS STATUSSORTBY ALPHABETICAL # What to link to in the reports LINKINCLUDE pages REFLINKINCLUDE * # BASEURL http://my.server.com # Cosmetic commands: mostly in docs/output.html OUTPUT HTML LANGUAGE ENGLISH # LANGFILE lang/uk.lng # DOMAINSFILE lang/ukdom.tab HEADERFILE none FOOTERFILE none LOGO analogo.gif REPORTORDER xmWDdHh45oZSuJkKfsNnBbpvcPztiEIr GOTOS ON RUNTIME ON WEEKBEGINSON SUNDAY LASTSEVEN ON MARKCHAR + SEPCHAR , REPSEPCHAR none DECPOINT . COMPSEP " " RAWBYTES OFF NOROBOTS ON SEARCHCHARCONVERT ON BARSTYLE b HTMLPAGEWIDTH 65 ASCIIPAGEWIDTH 76 MINGRAPHWIDTH 15 # The following commands are only available on some systems: see docs/dns.html # DNSFILE dnscache # DNSLOCKFILE dnslock # DNS NONE # DNSGOODHOURS 672 # DNSBADHOURS 168 # Sub-item commands: see docs/hierreps.html. Examples are # SUBDOM *.com # SUBDIR /*/*/ SUBTYPE *.gz,*.Z # A list of search engines SEARCHENGINE http://*altavista.*/* q SEARCHENGINE http://*yahoo.*/* p SEARCHENGINE http://*google.*/* q SEARCHENGINE http://*lycos.*/* query SEARCHENGINE http://*aol.*/* query SEARCHENGINE http://*excite.*/* search SEARCHENGINE http://*go2net.*/* general SEARCHENGINE http://*metacrawler.*/* general SEARCHENGINE http://*msn.*/* MT SEARCHENGINE http://*hotbot.com/* MT SEARCHENGINE http://*netscape.*/* search SEARCHENGINE http://*looksmart.*/* key SEARCHENGINE http://*infoseek.*/* qt SEARCHENGINE http://*webcrawler.*/* search,searchText SEARCHENGINE http://*goto.*/* Keywords SEARCHENGINE http://*snap.*/* keyword SEARCHENGINE http://*dogpile.*/* q SEARCHENGINE http://*askjeeves.*/* ask SEARCHENGINE http://*ask.*/* ask SEARCHENGINE http://*aj.*/* ask SEARCHENGINE http://*directhit.*/* qry SEARCHENGINE http://*alltheweb.*/* query SEARCHENGINE http://*northernlight.*/* qr SEARCHENGINE http://*nlsearch.*/* qr SEARCHENGINE http://*dmoz.*/* search SEARCHENGINE http://*newhoo.*/* search SEARCHENGINE http://*netfind.*/* query,search,s SEARCHENGINE http://*/netfind* query SEARCHENGINE http://*/pursuit query # Use one of these if you are short of memory: see docs/lowmem.html FILELOWMEM 0 HOSTLOWMEM 0 BROWLOWMEM 0 REFLOWMEM 0 USERLOWMEM 0 VHOSTLOWMEM 0 # Commands for debugging SETTINGS OFF DEBUG OFF WARNINGS ON PROGRESSFREQ 0 # ERRFILE somefile ERRLINELENGTH 78 # # By Stephen Turner 1999 - 2000. No warranty for this file. # May be used and redistributed without restriction.