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Wolves Ontario!

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Humans are attacked and killed by wolves all the time
Wolves will eliminate or reduce traditional game species (deer & moose) as well as other furbearers (beaver).

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The Wolf Defenders email list is the best way for you to keep informed about updates on the Wolves Ontario! project. The email list is an announcement-only list, thus you will not be flooded with emails daily. Expect no more than 4-5 emails a month.

The Wolf Defenders email list is one way that you can become involved in campaign activities. Postings of volunteer meetings, calls for activists to spread the word about the project and host events in their area as well as to postings of the latest Wolves Ontario! action alerts will and press releases will go through this list. Hear the news first!

Get involved with the Wolves Ontario! project by becoming a Wolf Defender! Keep up to date about the latest news, press releases and action alerts. Answer calls for Wolves Ontario! events in your area. Join the Wolf Defenders email list!

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Did You Know...
Wolves are intelligent and social animals. They have complex social families; they play, teach, and hunt with each other.

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