Ontario’s Moose Project: A Death Sentence for Wolves?

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  • August 8, 2023

The Ontario Government has begun Phase 2 of the Moose Project. In response to recent moose declines in some areas of Ontario and many other jurisdictions in North American, the government has proposed changes to the moose hunting season, and is consulting the public about other possible factors in the decline of Ontario’s moose.

Not surprisingly, many people who profit from killing moose have been lobbying the government to reduce hard-won protection for wolves.  An alarming amount of wolves are already killed in the more accessible parts of Ontario.

- Removing the 2 wolves/hunter bag limit would exacerbate the unsustainable harvest of wolves in those areas.

- Opening up the closed season in core wolf range endangers wolf families when they are most vulnerable - when they are rearing their pups.

Wolves and other predators are being scapegoated for the moose declines. Help ensure the government considers the full range of management options and does not condone the slaughter of more wolves for the sake of moose hunters - submit your comments in opposition to predator control at mooseproject@ontario.ca.

Sign up as a Wolf Defender and become engaged as the Moose Project unfolds.

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  • Cindy Cox says:

    We need to understand what is the decline of the moose. I do not believe it is the wolf,why center them out ,why not study WHY. Is it globle change,weather patterns,fleas,mites carried by deer that kill moose is it hunting. We never leave nature alone long enough for it to regenerate for a healthy population. the wolf is your savior to a healthy population. Stop the madness we need to understand not slaughter the only safe way of continued success for the moose. We are to blame not the wolf. OH and by the way the CARBON IMPRINT…..
    Mrs.C. Cox

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