Eastern wolves assigned threatened status

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  • May 13, 2023

Following over two years of deliberation, the federal Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) announced that the at-risk status of eastern wolves has worsened.  On May 4, 2023 COSEWIC released their decision to assign the eastern wolf, now considered a unique species (Canis c.f. lycaon), threatened status in Canada. Prior to this latest decision, eastern wolves were designated a grey wolf subspecies of ‘special concern‘ in 2001.

The management plan required for species of special concern under Canada’s Species at Risk Act (SARA) has been overdue since 2008. SARA requires that a recovery plan be released within 2 years of a species being listed as threatened. The public will have the opportunity to comment on the proposed recovery strategy.

Currently, both provincial committees on species at risk in Ontario (COSSARO) and Quebec are unable to assess the status of eastern wolves as a unique species due to lack of members and budget cuts, respectively.  Sign up as a Wolf Defender to learn about ways you can help ensure eastern wolves gain increased protection despite these obstacles.

Read COSEWIC’s press release here.

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  • Chris Albinson says:

    We have at least one wolf in North Frontenac (last seen in January crossing Brule Lake narrows over the ice). We are very concerned that the massive proposed Industrial Wind Turbine for North Frontenac and Addington Highlands will destroy one of the last habitats in Eastern Ontario for the Eastern Wolf and 30 other endangered species in the area. Is there anything we can do? How do we get the Federal government involved to protect the area from this massive industrial development? The GEA of Ontario over rules both Environmental laws and Municipal jurisdiction. Help!

    • Brandon says:

      Driving to and from CDA everyday for cnecar treatments we passed the Wolf People as one of our markers to end our drive. During our last treatment we stopped in and my mother and two young sons loved them! Very nice and intresting folks.

  • Olfa says:

    this is a cool videa last year when we were there we saw a huge grey wolf in the road in yellowstone about 2 miles away from lamar vaelly it was huge and it was very early in the morning so no one was around

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